The Founder of the world’s first Mojo School, training company Happiness Concierge, and two day Presentation Bootcamps, Rachel is an energetic entrepreneur obsessed with bringing out the brilliance in us all.

Rachel spent her early career in killing herself over work. Rachel was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and adrenal fatigue after being unable to walk before work one day, due to exhaustion and burnout. After experiencing an aha moment at a Beyonce concert (true story!), Rachel decided to rewire the way she approached work, creating her own tools for for high performance.

Rachel created Work Life Brilliance: launching Mojo School, a six-week programme to help others get their mojo back. She launched Happiness Concierge, Mojo School’s parent company to deliver impactful corporate training to rewire how we work, leading a remote team of coaches, facilitators and trainers to help organisations ace their Work Life Brilliance globally. She launched Presentation Bootcamp, a game changing two day immersive, where Tedx, C-suites, business owners and aspiring keynote speakers learn from Rachel’s guidebook on how to structure a presentation, deliver to any audience and captivate a message with authentic conviction, from the boardroom to tens of thousands of people.

Known for her high energy, performative and enthusiastic style, Rachel is an unforgettable Keynote speaker and MC who energises audiences across the globe with her message of continual growth and evolution for excellence. Rachel is currently writing her first book: Work/Life Brilliance: The Rulebook on Breaking the Damn Rules at Work.

Rachel is based in Melbourne, Australia. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Rachel’s dynamic style for yourself by reaching out.

Thank you for being such a fun and engaging speaker.
— The University of Sydney
Rachel rocked the stage with her trademark energy and entertained the audience. Loved it!
— Pip Edwards, Founder P.E Nation