Loved your talk at our conference.
— Good Life Gyms
Really enjoyed your keynote at Women in Franchising, very inspiring!
— Business owner



Did you know the majority of people never follow up on career changing opportunities? Even less deliver what they say they will, leaving 5% to make an impact with authentic follow throughs. Learn how Rachel Service created Happiness Concierge: once a personal blog now a business which impacts thousands of Australians every week and how you can turbo boost sales and opportunities in your business.


Well meaning friends, family and colleagues had asked if she’d like some help. It wasn’t until Rachel couldn’t enjoy the things she loved that she realised she needed to turn the beat around. Rachel shares her story from her lowest of lows to now creating a growing business that impacts thousands of Australians.


Overworking, depression and anxiety used to be Rachel Service's working life. At 22, she passed out before work. At 24, she couldn't walk after working herself to the ground. At age 30, the warning signs were appearing again. It took a pivotal moment in her career in New York City, when she realised she turn the beat around, leading her to create Happiness Concierge: a business which now impacts thousands across the world to ace their work and life.


What do successful businesses share? A commitment to excellence. And behind those businesses? People who make the decision to Self Lead every day. Learn how the Founder of Happiness Concierge battled depression, anxiety and heartbreak to take control of her creative output, future career prospects and pursue life-changing work which impacts thousands of Australians every day.

The audience feedback was some of the best we’ve ever had.
— League of Extraordinary Women
We keep on getting great feedback. Thanks again, Rachel!
— PowerCor Womens Network
THANK YOU for being part of the event. The feedback has been fantastic.
— Youth Marketing Conference
Thanks so much for making such an impact at our conference. You really added a spark to the day. Huge appreciation for your time, energy and passion. You really rocked it.
— Sydney conference of 200 employees